The Two Mikes

The Two Mikes
Ever wanted to talk with someone about a book you just read? You could just join a book group and talk about it, drink a little, veer off on tangents, work back around to the book again, and finally wrap it up by picking the next book.

But what happens when the book you just read is about about hungry zombies or a haunted house, and your Eat, Pray, Love–reading friends aren’t really into reading it, much less discussing its finer points? That’s what we’re here for. We Two Mikes will be your virtual book group for discussing new and interesting and old and half-forgotten horror books.

If you want to follow along with us, look at the next forbidden book on the table and start reading.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Episode 30: Adrian Ross's The Hole of the Pit

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We have tracked down this impossibly rare, early twentieth-century horror novel and find it was worth the hunt. We shamelessly synopsize, cautiously philosophize, and generally aggrandize this great lost work of weird fiction. See it out!

It's Cocktail Time!

The Saltmarsh
in a shotglass rimmed with fleur de sel (or good salt) pitted olive (without pimento) stuffed with stilton cheese, put into glass fill with good single malt scotch (like Lagavulin) Shoot it down; don't choke.

Special closing music: "I'm a Naughty Girl," lyrics by Adrian Ross.

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