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The Two Mikes
Ever wanted to talk with someone about a book you just read? You could just join a book group and talk about it, drink a little, veer off on tangents, work back around to the book again, and finally wrap it up by picking the next book.

But what happens when the book you just read is about about hungry zombies or a haunted house, and your Eat, Pray, Love–reading friends aren’t really into reading it, much less discussing its finer points? That’s what we’re here for. We Two Mikes will be your virtual book group for discussing new and interesting and old and half-forgotten horror books.

If you want to follow along with us, look at the next forbidden book on the table and start reading.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Episode 91: Toothless by J. P. Moore

The Two Mikes decide to drill into  J. P. Moore's Toothless.  It is not the end of the world but Forgiving Mike does not find a quarter under his pillow and Skeptical Mike is richly rewarded by this new take on the zombie trope.

It's Cocktail Time!

The Red Knight

2 shots of brandy
1/2 shot of Cointreau
1/2 shot yellow Chartreuse
A dash of  Peychaud's bitters

Shake with cracked ice and strain. Garnish with a kumquat.


Emphyrio said...

Still listening and diggin' you guys. There's something so powerful in putting in your time, and consistently building up what is, collectively, a great achievement. Which is what this podcast is.

It was a great cover, and I see what drew you in. I didn't get the sense that the book had a lot of historical insight. It reminds me of Connie Willis's award-winning Doomsday Book; we got nothing of history, or historical personages, or even a sense of what society was like; instead, the troubles of one family in one place. It disappointed me after the approbation the book had received.

Funny the nice Mike/Tough Mike roles were reversed. It's a testament to the "ending first" approach to fiction, as nice Mike observed, and to the value of editing.

Jeff Vandermeer's new trilogy is getting a big push. It's going to be rapidly released, the three books only months apart. It's a relatively new release strategy. I've actually never read him (except the how-to-approach-authorial-promotion-on-the-internet guide, Booklife), but admired many of his editorial projects, particularly the massive, brilliant tome The Weird.

Hey, that new TV series "Resurrection" looks a lot like Jan Strnad's Risen! He wuz robbed!

Have you guys ever done a Dean Koontz book? Kind of a one-man, commercially inclined fiction-factory, but he has some interesting angst from his childhood, in particular a question about his parentage that will never be resolved, which he revealed in an introduction he wrote for a book on graveyard statuary.

knobgobbler said...

Hmmm... can't listen to this one, there's a message saying the file is corrupt.

Emphyrio said...

No podcast this month? said...

Sorry, all you (three?) listeners for the delay. No excuses, just apologies.

Thanks for still listening.

Answers to specific questions:

Emphyrio: New ep should be posted now. We've never done Koontz because of our early policy of not doing the big four: King, Koontz, Rice, Barker. I have read a bit of Koontz (the Odd Thomas books, and Lightning, and was entertained but not hooked. I was surprised to learn he was a fellow admirer of the late Jack Vance, and that has knocked him a few steps up my ladder of esteem; perhaps we will tackle him in the future; it may be time to violate our policy.

knobgobbler (Jesse): I just checked it on iTunes and it works. We recorded this ep offsite, so if it sounds like crap, that's why.

Forgiving Mike

knobgobbler said...

I was trying to play it through Blogspot. It doesn't work there but works fine on