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The Two Mikes
Ever wanted to talk with someone about a book you just read? You could just join a book group and talk about it, drink a little, veer off on tangents, work back around to the book again, and finally wrap it up by picking the next book.

But what happens when the book you just read is about about hungry zombies or a haunted house, and your Eat, Pray, Love–reading friends aren’t really into reading it, much less discussing its finer points? That’s what we’re here for. We Two Mikes will be your virtual book group for discussing new and interesting and old and half-forgotten horror books.

If you want to follow along with us, look at the next forbidden book on the table and start reading.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Episode 105: Richard Matheson's A Stir of Echoes

The Mikes enter again the echo chamber of the Forbidden Books Group Studios and stir things up with another Matheson classic. We also get to explore the horror of the suburbs and neighbors.

It's Cocktail Time!

A Stir of Liquors

Go to your liquor cabinet. Randomly select 5 bottles and set them in a row.
Open your eyes and pour a half-shot of each into a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake, and decant.
You take your chances.

Closing music: "Can You Read My Mind" by Maureen McGovern 

1 comment:

knobgobbler said...

About the 'psi' novels you mention...
I've been reading my way through a huge stack of Astounding Science Fiction zines from the 50s and psi/psionics/psychic stuff is all over the place. The guy running the magazine, John W. Campbell, was into various odd bits of psuedoscience and social theory... including Dianetics. The magazine also featured non-fiction articles about research of the time that supposedly supported it.
Because of these magazine I'd assumed for a long time, as a kid, that most 50s scifi authors were strong proponents for psi as a real/measurable thing... but maybe it's just cause Campbell was a bit of a kook.