The Two Mikes

The Two Mikes
Ever wanted to talk with someone about a book you just read? You could just join a book group and talk about it, drink a little, veer off on tangents, work back around to the book again, and finally wrap it up by picking the next book.

But what happens when the book you just read is about about hungry zombies or a haunted house, and your Eat, Pray, Love–reading friends aren’t really into reading it, much less discussing its finer points? That’s what we’re here for. We Two Mikes will be your virtual book group for discussing new and interesting and old and half-forgotten horror books.

If you want to follow along with us, look at the next forbidden book on the table and start reading.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Episode 116: Peter Watts's Blindsight

The Two Mikes burst out of their pods and shake themselves out of their vampiricly-influenced hibernation to take on Blindsight by Peter Watts.   Are they really conscious or just enacting a poor imitation of it?  Is their any Kung Pao Chicken in the Chinese Room or will they just have to settle for cocktails and Goldfish Crackers?

It's Cocktail Time!

The Devils Baklava

1 shot Nocino
1 shot Barenjäger
2 shots black rum
2 scoops crappy vanilla ice cream
1 pinch of salt

Run through a blender and decant into a glass. Garnish with a Pirouette cookie.

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