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The Two Mikes
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But what happens when the book you just read is about about hungry zombies or a haunted house, and your Eat, Pray, Love–reading friends aren’t really into reading it, much less discussing its finer points? That’s what we’re here for. We Two Mikes will be your virtual book group for discussing new and interesting and old and half-forgotten horror books.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Episode 45: Thomas Disch's The Sub

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Returning to one of Mike S's favorite authors, we read another in Thomas M. Disch's Occult Minnesota series. The Mikes consider the horror of Minnesota, our inner animals, and the slippery slope to the sty.

It's Cocktail Time!

The Piggatini
Twist a piece of bacon around a wooden skewer and microwave until crisp. Set aside.

3 shots of Jim Beam
a dash of Liquid Smoke
a 1/2 shot of real maple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into martini glass. Add bacon stir.

Oink. Oink.

closing music: The Beatles "Piggies" covered by the Tottemo Godzilla Riders


Emphyrio said...

What Disch I've read (currently "The Asian Shore") could be summed up as dyspeptic: Disch displays scant affection for anything, though there seems to have been plenty in this world that he disliked.

I think it should be stressed his demise seems to have been a rational suicide...longtime health problems, recent death of life partner, financial walls closing in.

It would have helped his literary rep if he died colorfully insane, but it seems a plain case of only being able to look forward to trouble and pain.

That, and being done, artistically (widely accomplished, nothing more burning to get out).

R. L. Stine's books seems to be titled Superstitious, rather than "Superstitions."

Amazon's featured review makes it sound like the Mikes will have a ball carving it up with long knives, its eyeballs going "plop, plop."

Once more, I suggest you lift the advance moderation from your comments. You can always go back if flamers become a problem.

Emphyrio said...

By the way, if you ever come across it, read Disch's wickedly haunting short story, "Descending," in which a young, bookish slacker becomes distracted reading Thackeray while riding the "down" escalator at Macy's, with dire results.

Disch also deserved some sort of prize for titling a story, "The Invasion of the Giant Stupid Dinosaurs."